this time around

Written by sdperlman

written 2013, little portugal, toronto, ontario.

One time around, my soul says:
you were my familiar”.
One time around, my soul says:
You were my kin”. &
one time around?
was another thing all together.
(’cause i just don’t know when the sparks go flying
if you’re foe or friend.)

One time around it’s high noon
when i come riding,
one time around, you found me
just before the dawn, &
any time around, if we meet to fast colliding,
oh, the sky lights up, ’cause the sparks go flying
oh, and then they’re gone.

One time around you kept me warm,
and we both went down in a blaze of glory
next time around we might go up
in smoke and sirens.
This time around?
i see your face and i know your story,
and i haven’t got time.
This time around, oh,
i haven’t got the time. .

One time around,
won’t you be my death row lifeline?
Just a voice, just beyond the wall?
One time around,
won’t you put your hand in mine?
Say that you just don’t care,
’cause it feels like flying every time we fall.


‘Round, and ’round, and ’round we go.
‘Round and ’round, and ’round.
‘Round and ’round, and ’round we go.
‘Round and ’round and ’round and ’round and ’round.

One time? Come around,
oh, so that i can find you.
We’ll go two times around the block
so that I’ll know your name, &
next time around,
won’t you let the fires remind you?
(‘Cause i just don’t know, if the sparks aren’t flying,
if i’ll find my way)

Haven’t got time… this time around…

Performed by PerlHaze – Sophia Perlman and Terra Hazelton.
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Terra Hazelton at PerlHaze HQ, Toronto, Ontario, 2014
words and music (c) 2014, sophia perlman

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