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The first possibility if someone asks me to clarify is that they don’t know where Toronto is: as of 2019, what Toronto refers to is a “megacity” on the north shore of Lake Ontario, in the southern part of the province of Ontario, Canada. At the time of my birth, the city known as “Toronto” was much smaller than it is now.

This is an area where as soon as someone asks me if I was actually born in Toronto, I do two useful calculations before I answer:
1) Does that personĀ live in Toronto.
2) Is that person from Toronto.
If the answer to either is yes, then I just prepare for an almost automatic onslaught of questions, probably in this order:
– “what neighbourhood”. (Kensington Market),
– “where did you go to high-school”, (Harbord Collegiate)
– “Did you know someone named….” (Maybe… did they sing in a choir or regularly attend the Rocky Horror Picture Show?)

If the answer is no, it’s a bit harder to figure out what people want to know. People have complicated relationships with the place – my own relationship with my home city is a complicated, and the more I travel, and longer I live somewhere else, the more I wonder what the moral of the story is to the way that the downtown core of my native city and I grew up together, and ultimately, at least for the time being, grew apart.

That theme is explored, at length, in the music and musings on this site. For now, you can go back to the bio page by clicking here.

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