Oh boy. Here we go. You’re that person. Don’t get me wrong. You’re a wonderful person. You are a person who, for whatever valid reason, needs more specific information than provided by the perfectly good explanation of who I am on the landing page.

But it’s that awkward moment for the one freelancer at a dinner party, when someone turns to you and says “so what do you do?”.

Here are some different versions to use. Depending on who you are, they should give you what you need.

If none of those work you need more specific information, my solidarity, love and sympathy. It means you are the exhausted writer with a deadline and a surprise last minute 500 words to fill because one of your colleagues didn’t make it. Or the intern at the radio station, or third year music student who has been turned out into the search-engine jungle to do research notes . In which case, please refer to the annotated biography available here.

140 characters
(I misread this one the first time it came in, and had to pare 140 words in to 140 characters)

100 words – general

100 words – jazz specific

100 words – education specific

the “full page”